Pre-Existing Health Insurance – Do you Know your Options?

If you’re someone looking for a health insurance and you have a medical problem things are not looking as good as its for others. Looks like the health insurance companies think its okay not to provide you with coverage if you have a preexisting health condition. But the good news is that with the law on your side, things could have a better picture around September.

It looks like if you have a pre-existing health condition the legislation might help you. If you’ve been in a job for over 12 months that covered you with a health insurance plan ( or Medicaid, individual policy, Medicare, or a Public health plan), the exclusion against preexisting conditions won’t apply if you get a new group policy when you change jobs or something. Let’s use this for example, say you got medical advice, treatment or some kind of care for a problem 3 months ago, and you had insurance for 12 months or more before that, the new insurer CANNOT exclude you from obtaining insurance for that condition (HIPAA is the reason why the exclusion does not apply)

Do I have a preexisting health problem?

Common Pre-Existing Conditons:

Depression, arthritis, pregnancy, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and obesity. Each insurance company will combine their own list of what they consider pre-existing problem. They seem to have their own standards for these conditions.

There are always options to get health coverage. You will find that most states have something called high risk insurance pools for people with this situation. So find out more about it if you need to.

If you’re currently unsure about having preexisting condition, find out before you apply for a policy or plan. Then compare the best rates here. You’ll find the best insurance quotes from top insurers fast and easy.

For more information about insurance leaves comments below. Health Insurance First wants to provide the best help for you. Times are tough and the goal here is to help you find an insurance premium that you can afford, so you can stay healthy and have peace of mind. No one deserves  to be paying so much if they have any sort of health insurance problem, and any insurer that denies coverage for because of a preexisting condition, should feel ashamed. We hope that this article was of great help, but we need your help to provide you with the information that you’re looking for.

For more about the types of plans available, go to Pre-Existing Health Insurance

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