Individual Health Insurance: What are your Options?

Are you wondering what are your individual health insurance options? You’re at the right place. Keep on reading

If you’re a professional that has been out of work for over a year, and you have COBRA insurance you might be starting to worry. Since it only last 18 months it is something that most unemployed people get worried about.

Here is the thing…

If you don’t get a job soon or get a job without health benefits you might need to start looking for an individual health insurance plan. If you expect to get all the benefits you had before, then think again. You may or may not qualify for certain options in certain states. If you want a comprehensive policy you’re going to have to do some research.

Options that you may have…

You can check, it’s the best online health quote on the internet. Also look into Consumer Directed Health Plans like Health Savings Account (HSA). HSA’s work great with work with a high deductible plans and give you more options over your healthcare insurer and also how you pay. You get control over which doctors you visit and your entire individual health insurance plan. More and more people are beginning to use these health insurance plans now, and more jobs are giving them as well.

High Risk Pools are always the last option that you have,  typically for people that have been denied any kind of insurance policy. As you might already know the cons about this plan are the high costs and below standards coverage. If you don’t have any other options this is your answer.

Two Extra Tips to Remember…

  • Be honest if you’ve ever had any big medical problems before.  You don’t want to be trapped in a rescission.
  • Get the products you only need – get it for sure. It is essential to have insurance for you and the family.

Start searching online for quotes, there are many online insurance quote websites that you can trust which may help you. Make sure you do check with different companies before you choose one health plan. The best way is to use a comparison website to give you all the information in one spot so you don’t have to visit 10 or 15 companies because that’s to time consuming and confusing. They make it easy to find individual health insurance in 10 minutes for under $50. Visit Now for more information.

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