Coverage for those That Do Not get Employer Benefits – Individual Health Insurance

individual health insuranceIn the U.S, close to 60 percent of the people get their coverage through their jobs. And close to the remaining get some kind of a government health care plan (Military, Medicaid, or Medicare). And the rest, self-employed and people that don’t get insurance through their employers buy individual health insurance plans.

If you’re here, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for an individual health insurance plan that you can afford.

Qualifying for a group plan by some employer is definitely easier than getting individual coverage; plans are underwritten individually, so the insurer will analyze your health history to the first day you were born.

If you don’t know this, insurance companies are meant to do one thing. That is make a ton of money. They expect you to end up paying more through premiums than what you will claim in medical care. Sometimes they may refuse you (that’s going to change soon) if you have pre-existing conditions or just put a rider on the plan, that doesn’t pay for that condition (how nice of them, don’t you think?). That’s why if you don’t have a medical condition right now it’s best you apply for a health insurance plan before you have any medical problems.

By getting a group plan it makes it easier to qualify due to the risk is spread throughout the family members and not just one person. If the group is too small a big illness can skyrocket the premiums for all of the people in the policy.

Telling the truth Pays.

The first time you go to get coverage, you have to make sure you say everything that you’ve had wrong with your health, even if its just a tiny little issue that you had. By not doing so, you can become a victim of something called a rescission. If they find out about something that you have not told them they can cancel your policy even when you might be needing it the most.

Sometimes an agent will try to delete your health history, trying to help you, don’t trust this. It actually hurts you that’s why its better to just get a quote on your own online. The agent is just trying to make a sale.

Are you aware of what products you need – then just buy those.

It sounds simple, but you need a health insurance plan. Did you know that over 50% of the bankruptcies are due to medical bills? You don’t want to be a victim of this. Businesses have been lost because of this too.

Close to 200,000 people have died in the last 5 years due to not having health insurance.

Taking the next step…

There are little options available to people that are self-employed that are trying to get individual health insurance, because of these companies that are driven by money and the pre-existing denials. But you still find options. With the new laws thing could change in September 2010.

Options that some are not aware of are…

Calculating the risk of how much debt you can handle if an illness came up. By having a high deductible policy. Pay for your normal bills and only use the insurance for a big illness.

What some spouses of self-employed people are doing is taking a job in a company that gives them and their families health insurance.

At you safe time finding the individual health insurance plan that people really NEED. They offer premiums as low as $50 in just 10 minutes. Visit Now to get the individual health insurance plan that fits you best.

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